So I get this daily message from sent to me. When I wake up about 7am, it tends to be the first thing I read. Today’s…

Well, actually, Christie, you were different.

You didn’t want a perfect life, a typical life, or even a normal life.

You wanted a one-of-a-kind.

How we doing?
    The Universe

Then about 2pm today, I receive a message from Dai…

“It was discovered on a space mission that a frog can throw up. The frog throws up it’s stomach first, so the stomach is dangling out of it’s mouth. Then the frog uses it’s forearms to dig out all of the stomach’s contents and then swallows the stomach back down again.” – brought to you by “5001 Amazing Facts Free” available at BlackBerry App World!

Gotta Love Tuesdays!!!

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