What a week! Loads going on as usual, hence no real blog updates this month, my apologies. I want to make a quick entry to share a pretty cool moment I experienced this week. A couple weeks back I was contacted via Twitter, asking if I would be interested in being the February feature of the month? How freak’n cool! It is common for Dai to be featured and requested to do interviews, but me, little Christie, ‘It would be an honour, thank you so much’.

The feature required some photos, so I was given the option to choose my own photographer. I had a few in mind and would have so loved to pick everyone who offered their services, but due to scheduling, etc Feeling Photography was a delight to work with! I felt like a supermodel for about 2 hours on Tuesday morning – awesome!

Silver Icing is a local clothing company that I was thrilled to find. Their clothing feels great, fits great, and a great price point! The gals I was in contact with were superb and I am very grateful for them believing I was worthy of being featured with their brand. Thanks for choosing some random chic that appreciates all Silver Icing has to offer!

To check out the interview and some of the pics chosen from the shoot, click here.

Wishing you all a most fabulous February and thanks again to @Silver_Icing and @feelingphotosuz!

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