Recently I was reminded of a Ralph Waldo Emerson poem. As it was being read aloud, I immediately thought of my father.


Check. Check. Check… 9 for 9 and then some.  ‘To give of one’s self’ seemed to stand out.  I confidently say my father, Bob Kennedy, is the most giving of himself person I have come across in my life journey.  For as long as I can remember, he has helped deserving and at times, not so deserving friends, family and strangers.  Because he reached out to help others, he has created a number of quality relationships.  As well, he has loads of entertaining and heart felt stories to share, experiences to remember and I hope, tremendous peace within.  Without a doubt, many lives have breathed easier because my father has lived.


My successful father, you are greatness beyond your belief.

Thank you for being you ~ xo

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