I began my week on the corner of 33rd & Oak. (Fully clothed people, and inside a building) The Canadian Blood Services to be precise 😉 I have been hit and miss with my ability to donate lately, iron levels vary. I have been working on keeping them consistently high, so needless to say I was pretty stoked when she said “fill these top questions out and proceed to the next station”…IT WORKED! My levels passed.

This time round had and will forever have a little different meaning. For when Dai was at St. Paul’s getting his bone marrow biopsy, we met an elderly gentleman named ‘John’ who was receiving blood transfusions/platelets for anemia and a rare blood cancer. I happen to be scheduled to give blood that day and mentioned to Dai that I had re-scheduled. John and Dai were sharing a room, but we had yet to personally speak to each other. On route to the washroom, John and I started up a conversation, and it lead to blood donors. He has been receiving transfusions for some time now and had yet to meet a donor up until that week. Though he most likely

will never meet the specific donors who assist him, he had just met a nurse and now myself.  John was extremely grateful, he was so pleased to be able to physically thank someone face to face for their continued efforts. Turns out we were the same blood type (A neg – 6% of the population), even more special an experience.


So as I am sitting in the donation chair, I strike up a conversation with the nurse and trainee. (surprise, surprise, me chat someone up, I know, eh?) We were all in agreement with how strange it it, considering there are a number of blood donors, in our direct circles, we know very few personally who MAKE the time to donate. Now I bring attention to ‘make’ because, it is an hour of ones time every couple months (well 56 days to be precise). I understand for religious choices or health reasons, some are not able to give blood. However there are a number of people who are capable, yet it’s just not on the forefront of their mind or they have yet to gain insite on what a simple process it really is. The hour is well worth it!


To figure out if you are an eligible donor or to book an appointment to give blood is VERY simple…either call 1.888.2.DONATE (236.6283) or www.blood.ca.


I recently learned of a couple other ways to help! Donation of platelets , stem cells, plasma, or even financially. I am not going to try to share all the reason why or the benefits of donating, I just wanted to raise awareness and encourage anyone who is able to donate to find a way and MAKE the time in your schedule to help SAVE A LIFE! You owe it to yourself, no more excuses, it’s time to experience the feeling of helping people like ‘John’.





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