Do you remember when your last RaNdOm AcT of KiNdNess was?

‘Be Spontaneous ~ Sometimes all we need in life is a little spontaneity. Make a conscious effort to act on every single thought of generosity that arises in your heart. Being kind is being happy!’

My day began with receiving a random act of kindness. I went to get a rock chip repaired in my windshield. In the fall I had my windshield replaced from a massive rock cracking it beyond repair and really appreciated the service, so I returned to the same glass shop. The gal, Lindsay, behind the front desk was planning her wedding, so I was able to get the quick update, along with some good Modern Family chuckles. 15 minutes later, ready to go…’No Charge – you’re a returning customer and we’re happy to fix the work we recently did’. My goodness, service with a smile and kindness just because. I will for sure be back, along with gladly recommend White Rock Glass.

After enjoying a most wonderful coffee connection with an incredibly wise and inspiring person, I walked past H&M…saw this uber cute Hello Kitty dress and recalled one of the SEA’s (special education assistant – I think) at our school commenting on B’s Hello Kitty dress she received at Christmas. The gal has a daughter the same age and had disappointedly purchased a size to small for her little girl and was not able to get a larger size.  Though today’s find was pink, not army green, I kept my fingers crossed there would be a 4-6 ~ HhhhhhhhhUUURRRRAAAAYYYYY!!! Was soooo excited, can you tell? 

I should first state I do not believe random acts of kindness need to cost money, there are many things we can do that don’t cost a financial penny, but instead of just informing the SEA they were back in stock I thought, she’s a hard-working busy mom that does such a great job, I would surprise her. 🙂 The smile that lit up her face was beyond worth it!

Kindness is contagious…I then grabbed a few things from Thrifty’s Market, and while passing the health supplement area I decided to pick up a thing of coconut oil for our amazing secretary. We had been discussing health and cooking yesterday and I thought it would be a nice gesture. She too was extremely touched!

I hope these gals realize how truly special and appreciated they are. Without their hard work each week, our kiddies would be at a loss. Thanks so much B & M!

Acts of kindness can be as simple as smiling and saying ‘Good Morning’ or more intense, such as washing off graffiti. I like to hope the acts of kindness each of us do and receive will be passed on to others. Thank you to all the people who randomly act in my life! xoxo

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