More than ever I believe you can manifest what you choose…good or bad. So many great changes have been occuring for my family and ones I hold near and dear. On the flip side, I have also been witness to changes not so great. When I actually remove myself and take time to reflect the differences as to why me or why them, I am believing more than ever that you determine and control your situation and future by your attitude and actions.

Today Dai and I finalized the lease for our new place. For the past couple months I have been doing my du-diligence hunting for a new place for our family to call home. We decided on the neighborhood, we chose a school and I kept my eye open for July 1st availability. Last week, I found one place that fit our needs/wants perfectly. We had our ‘must have’ list and our ‘bonus’ list, with a small ‘no way’ list. This place met each one…but in reality, who would choose a family of 4 over professional couples, etc? We were determined and believed, came prepared, and voila ~ Perfect is what you make it and this place is perfect for us!  

I have many examples of manifestation; friends who have survived cancer, tragedy, creating a family, dream home, travel, divorces, losses, and the list goes on. Life is what you make it and as a good gal pal likes to remind me of my words of encouragement during her battle with breast cancer, ‘SUCK IT UP YOU SEXY BIYATCH!’…suck it up, believe, do what it takes and make it happen!

mwah! mwah! mwah!

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