Alrighty then…

It’s just about 9 pm and I find myself finally sitting down to write ya. Kids are in bed and I am enjoying a few juicy red full of flavour organic strawberries, 2 Lindt dark chocolate balls and a small amount of coconut greek yogurt – yuuuummmmyyyy!

I must say today was a splendid spring day. I know most are pleased to wake up to a bright sun shiny day, as was I, especially because I had a date weather permitting! After dropping
the munchkins at school, I joined a couple gal pals for a Starbucks and the stairs by the beach. It was AWESOME! Breath-taking views
we have here on the west coast. Though crisp, it wasn’t long before
my layers were peeled off.

There was a gentleman doing the stairs at the same time and at one
point our paths crossed at the top, he paused to chat briefly and he
mentioned 2 months ago he could only accomplish 4 steps due
to a back injury. Today he was up and down them a number
of times!!! I was reminded once again not to take my body’s ability to perform every day tasks for granted. (side note: Dai wrote a really great article for Fresh Vancouver magazine on that very topic – functional movements)

So anyways, after a lovely morning connecting with some top quality friends and a workout to boot, an afternoon of computer catch-up, some time with my amazing daughters, an attempt at an uber healthy apple crisp, I think some time with my man is in order.

Adious amigos, sweet dreams, & chat soon!

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