How refreshing to see this thought-provoking and enlightening acceptance speech make its way on my Facebook feed today! I was pleasantly surprised to hear Ashton Kutcher’s advice to the screaming fans of the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

When one of such influence and reach takes the time to add value, I get giddy. Ashton’s choice of tone and delivery is very well done. The message was clear and powerful. I definitely agree opportunities look a lot like hard-work. Sexy is being smart, being thoughtful and being generous. And without a doubt, build a life, don’t just live one.

Tonight, before turning the lights out for bed, I had the kids watch the 4 minute speech with me and Little C repeats, ‘build a life, most definitely!’. One of the many reason I appreciate social media, this message going viral will allow for loads more people to view and re-listen. Thanks Ashton, for preparing and using your time wisely, you kicked some serious butt old man!

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