I am a sucker for books and stationary…I tend to come across just what I need when not even looking? Or do I justify and reason with why I need it? Either way I rarely regret my impulse purchase. I often find value or great use for them. For example, visited Winners and Home Sense yesterday in search for bedding, while there I also picked up a few extra’s (total shocker I know).

‘A Cup of Comfort for Inspiration – Uplifting stories that will brighten your day’.  The back of the book started with ‘Experience the joy of making a difference…’ – SOLD! Well I was actually probably sold at ‘inspiration’, but the back line sealed the deal. 🙂 I wanted to share the Introduction, as I found myself wondering who inspires me, what inspires me, and am I making personal choices to inspire myself and others?

passage from Cup of Comfort ~ “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton                

 ‘As we journey down the curvy, sometimes bumpy, path of life, most of us encounter people and experiences that inspire us to live more passionately and compassionately, with gratitude and generosity.  These inspirations often come in times of trouble or uncertainty, as if in answer to a prayer. But they are just as likely to come unbidden during times of ease and abundance, reminding us of our blessings and of those less fortunate.

If we are paying attention, earth angels and divine interventions can help us over a hump or out of a slump. The can nudge us into taking positive action and lead us in the right direction. The can even transform our lives.

The miracle is that such inspirations are all around us, all the time…In the busy mom who brings casseroles to shut-ins and gathers canned goods for the local food bank. In the daughter of illiterate migrant workers who is the first in her family to attend college, on an academic achievement scholarship, and becomes a teacher. In the genuine smiles, and “have a nice days,’ and dollar-for-a-paper-flower that pass between a bag lady and a businesswoman. In the friend who never forgets your milestones and always forgives your foibles.

Inspiration is in people who toe the line, yet never trade in their integrity. Who follow their dreams and the Golden rule, with equal dedication. Who take care of themselves and give of themselves, generously and without fanfare.

Inspiration is in all the extraordinary ‘ordinary’ people whose good deeds light the candles of compassion and whose passion for life reflects the potential in each of us. Here are their stories. May they Brighten your path and inspire you to live with passion and compassion.’ – Colleen Sell


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