I know many of you may think I am a total freak (well for a number of reason’s), one being my title of this blog. Living on the west coast of our incredibly beautiful country, we get our share of rain. A few seem to enjoy it, most complain. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the sun! I do however embrace the rain, for a few different reasons. I think it is very refreshing to cleanse the air, freshen everything up, and keep things green! As well I tend to be more productive at home – I feel inspired and motivated…laundry, cleaning, reading, tea, possibly a workout, a bath, maybe some vino, catch up on my inbox, the list goes on!

Today I received a response to a message I sent my grandparents a few days ago. First I think it rocks how my grandparents have engaged in computers…hotmail, facebook, and now grandpa is even taking a course. Picture my 86 yr old grandpa and 83 yr old grandma, 4 kids, loads of grandkids, a handful of great grandkids, a residing between BC and Cali. They are AWESOMELY AMAZING! So one of my sisters is visiting them for a couple weeks, while chatting on the phone the other night, Shanna informs me that my kids pictures out numbers everyone elses…she was not so thrilled about that – lol.  I am not so great at actually mailing them, I once in awhile email some and I guess the grandparents have printed them out. Shanna was quite vocal, on a comedic side, with grandma and grandpa about the fact they had TOO many pics of specific kids. While chatting I email them…

> Hello Grandpa & Grandma!
> Hope you are enjoying your visit with Shanna and the boys. 🙂
> Heard you may be short some pictures of us…message me back to confirm I have the correct email and I will send you some more.
> Love you!!!
> Sent from Christie’s iPhone

Today I open my inbox and had received this response…LMAO, totally dissed by my grandparents. 🙂

>are well supplied for now…thanks…. g. & G.

Shanna must have got to them. So instead of just sending me, I am going to send some of all the Kennedy Clan!

Another bonus to this rainy day is having a great chat with my dad on the phone. He is so wonderful, wise, and amusing!!! Now a friend stopped by, began assisting me with the pile of clothes needing my attention, and it’s only lunch…still so much of day still remains before my ladies dress to impress and feel fabulous night at 6pm!!!

Oh no…the clouds are parting…stay focused, get shite done, today is a rainy day 😉

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