I highly doubt there is a single human being out there that hasn’t been touched some way or another by cancer. I am fortunate to report most of the souls in my life have survived! Not all, but with the advancement in medicine and the du-diligence of certain individuals, many are still sharing life with us today. The past couple years I have seen the little yellow daffodil pins at check out counters, I remember acknowledging that they were in support of cancer, popped my few bucks in and pinned it on my jacket – isn’t that what were supposed to do?

Well this year a friend of mine posted a link on his facebook page (thank you GB so much for taking the time to share it). I try my best to click on as many links posted on the recent news feeds when I am checking my facebook or twitter. Aren’t people posting specific things for a purpose? I like to think so. So anyways, I read the ‘daffodil month’ snip-it (thanks for the reminder to switch my flower over to my outfit of choice today). I also see a song link ‘Listen to Megan McNeil’s motivating and powerful song. North Delta girl who succumbed to cancer last year. Her legacy lives on through her song.’ I enjoy music, I support the cure for cancer, and I definitely have a soft spot for local.


Am I the only person that had no idea kids cancer has different funding? Adult research barely even helps kids cancer? ‘The majority of research dollars raised are spent on investigating adult forms of cancers. Specific programs designated to studying childhood cancer have been under-funded and are in need of more support. We can learn so much through the genetic aspects of this disease where it begins – in a child. Breakthroughs found in curing childhood cancer can also benefit the search for curing adult cancers.’ (www.childhoodcanceresearch.org)

I know there are numerous causes out there, loads of different ways to support, whatever it is you choose, fantastic…I chose to share this as a refresher and a reminder for myself. Do what you wish – I DARE YOU!

Here’s to the fight, here’s to the fighters, here’s to the brave, here’s to the lost souls and here’s to new hope…


Megan McNeil Article

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