Lately I have been approached with the above question…not just by one person, but a number of people have inquired recently. I don’t feel I have changed my ways as of late, I feel I am the same old me, so I have been a little caught off guard with how to respond. I have come to a few conclusion…

I believe we are not dealt anything we cannot handle and there is a reason for everything. I believe ‘today is the first day of the rest of your life’ and to draw a line, why wait, just start today. And I believe you are or become who you associate with most.

As tragic or exhilarating any situation can be, there is a reason it has been put in your path of life. The reason may never make itself clear or you may be able to justify multiple reasons. Believing you will recover, you will be stronger, you were meant to experience such a thing, and there is some purpose behind them helps me move forward or ‘look on the brighter side’ as some may say. Shite happens, so does life…choose to make the best of it! No point in dwelling or allowing yourself to stay in a rut for too long, as life is too short.

One of my pet peeves and something I am guilty of at times is…’when (this), I’ll (that)’, ‘starting Monday I’ll…’, ‘the 1st of next month I will..’, WHY WAIT??? I require a constant reminder, so on our main wall of our place is the quote ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’. So NO matter what happened yesterday, last week, what have you, today is what matters, make today count and F’N do something! Drink more water, workout, read, connect with others, quality time with kids or spouse, me time, no junk, no booze, no swearing, no biting nails, learn to do the splitz, blog, clean the fish tank, cards, make amends, travel, plan meals, auto payments, taxes, bake, meet new people, scrapbook, dress up, date night, donations ~ whatever it is you want to start, finish, explore, plan, create, change, do…WHY WAIT? Alright, I realize most have a rather large list to accomplish in one day. I have learned over the years to no longer set UNATTAINABLE expectations ~ to allow myself wins along the way. Just begin with something, make a game plan and implement with action, feel better for making progress, rather than allowing it to weigh on your shoulders or take space up in your head. Today matters, make it count, and award yourself little victories along the way. Be pleased you accomplished a step toward the end result. Resting your head at the end of a day that consisted of productivity or change feels pretty darn great!

And who you choose to spend your time with, who you allow your family to associate with plays an incredibly huge part in who you all are personally. Ever noticed the effect Negative Nancy’s or Darren Downers have on you or other’s around them? What about where the conversation is steered when chatting with unhappy people? Not saying don’t be friends with unhappy people, we all have our moments, just be extremely guarded with how much time you spend with people not choosing the mood or life you are pursuing. Going thru something is okay, as long as it is ‘thru’, not ‘stuck’. I find great value in diversity within my association. I think each person brings something special to the relationship, we all have strengths and weakness, we all have highs and lows, but for the majority we believe in empowerment, we believe in smiling, having fun, finding the positive side in each situation, we share similar morals and values and we desire to add value and enhance each others lives. We vent to each other, trusting the person listening responds with what we NEED to hear, not what we WANT to hear. Suck it up sweetheart, get off the pot, shoulder to cry on or to punch, knowing you are not alone. Taking your eyes off yourself, focussing on how to make someone smile tends to make my worries none existent or not as tragic. I love my friends, I appreciate all who have crossed my path at some point, and I embrace ones I have yet to meet! You may think you are not as fortunate to have such a solid group of people in your association, it takes a decision to make changes and be aware of your surroundings…you attract what you are.

So there’s a little enlightenment on my HOW or some may touch on my why, pretty much it comes down to CHOICE. I am no positivity guru, I would so enjoy hearing what helps you live a positive life or changes you are choosing to make to ensure your life moves forward starting today!

Hope you are having a most wonderful day/week/month, etc and it continues from here on!!! Thanks for taking the time to inquire, read and/or respond…very much appreciated!

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