“8 hugs a daaaaaaaaay, that’s the minimum. 8 hugs a daaaaaaaay, NOT the maximum…” Anyone else recall singing this little ditty as a kid?  

I was recently reminded how powerful HUGS can be and wanted to share a story.  Possibly I am the only one on the planet that wasn’t aware of Australian, Juan Mann’s FREE HUGS campaign. Either way, it’s well worth sharing and now I will have another resource to refer back to when I need an uplift.

In short, it’s a dude who returned to his homeland after many years. No one was there to greet him with a hug. He made a cardboard sign, walked around a busy area in Sydney with his “Free Hugs’ sign. 15 minutes later, a little lady accepted a hug and that’s when the ripple effect began. The process wasn’t as easy as just giving and receiving hugs tho. It was banned until 10,000 signatures were reached. Now it is a movement reaching all corners of the globe – FREE HUGS!

I am a hugger. I often struggle with the hand shake. I enjoy a high five, but I prefer hugs. I have learned to accept that not everyone is a hugger. I am also aware not everyone gives a good hug, but I believe if they continue to hug, they will improve. Our home was once coined ‘the house of hugs’, as it was rare you entered and exited without a squeeze from someone, if not all of us. 🙂 My typical routine toward a new person, now consists of an offered hand shake, but rarely do we go our separate ways without a hug. I tend to warn newcomers I am hugger, and most oblige and/or admit they too prefer hugs – hugging makes my day!

Were you aware that there is a National Hugging Day? Supposedly January 21st. ‘Research supports that people who hug more are happier’ and I would strongly agree. Here’s some more information I found regarding the benefits of hugs:

A “hug is a nonverbal communication which is synonymous to cuddle. This simple, sweet and powerful gesture has health benefits that is scientifically proven to improve our mental and physical health. These are as follows:HUGS

1. Boosts immune system
2. Boosts Self-esteem
3. Fosters self-acceptance
4. Helps curb your appetite
5. Alleviates tension

Moreover, studies have shown that who are always hugged by close friends and family have reduced heart rates, lowers blood pressure and increased nerve activity. Also, according to surveys, most of the successful marriages last longer through hugging and cuddling..

in other words, “A hug a day, keeps the doctor away”. So start hugging now so you can start your day stress-free and with positivity.”


You can always count on a couple each time you cross my path!

Make it a priority! Simple to remember…just like 8 glasses of water a day, strive for 8 hugs a day – It’s a start to a healthier and happier life!

You can find the official free hug site here – FREE HUGS CAMPAIGN

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