In welcoming myself into 2010, I was thinking of things I once enjoyed…putting my thoughts to paper was one that came to mind. Growing up I avidly wrote in my diary. I was big into writing notes back and forth with school mates and still have a shoe box filled with those funky square folded messages. Once I began travelling, I thoroughly enjoyed writing letters, postcards and emails back home to family and friends. As well, I was pretty religious about writing my thoughts and experiences in my journal. In a few different places I have books, pages, notes, and random pieces of memorabilia stored for either myself to reflect on or for my children to learn from some day. 

Over the past several years, I have either forgotten how it felt to forward my thoughts to paper or just not made the time to transcribe them. So considering the way we do things has developed, I decided I would create a place where I can collect my thoughts and opinions, share some of my favorite things, and record the incredible (good, bad, happy, sad) life I am fortunate enough to experience.

Whether people choose to read, respond, or are inspired to do the same, my family will have a collection to look back on for many years to come. Wishing me and all who are recently engaging this technological era the very best…Here’s to embracing ‘fresh age journaling’!

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