image-185Do you ever find yourself in a mood you struggle to explain?

Every once and awhile I find myself in a bit of a funk. Nothing for any of you to be concerned about, just wanted to share that even me ‘miss positivity’ has down time. I think it is healthy (maybe just a way I personally justify) to be a little higher and a little lower every so often. As long as it is ‘so often’, not regularly or more often. I allow myself a day (or night) here and there to just ‘F off from reality’ (FOFR). To just sit back, chill, feel no guilt for not doing what I ‘should’ be doing. To check out from responding to FB, Text, Twitter, Email, asap. To not be bothered by the
dishes that sit dirty on the counter…to just check out and ignore life per-say.I have started to see a pattern that brings me to my ‘F off from reality’ times. If I had to choose one word, OVERWHELMED. I also have figured out how to limit my FOFR times and the two words I would choose would be, TIME MANAGEMENT. I enjoy so many things, I am a professional procrastinator, and a bit anal when it comes to ensuring things are done to my standards. A SCATTERED PERFECTIONIST. I believe I can do it all (and properly ;), hence the sudden Holy F and I check out. I must say I find great enjoyment in almost everything I do or have access to. I am also aware that sometimes we need to lighten our load and just enjoy the moment.Because of my realization as to what causes and how to limit my FOFR moments, I want to get my shite together and calendar plan, prioritize and commit. So I am putting this blog out into the universe, knowing I am an accountable person (just tend to be least accountable to myself), I hope this helps me stay committed to first managing my time better and committing to my plan…So here’s to F’ing off tonight and a fantastically productive start tomorrow with Crazy Christie back in action, implementing better time management, and enjoying the moment! Mwah!
Take time for yourself and be okay with just being for a short while. Refresh and reflect. 

Adious Funk…in awhile crocodile 😉


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