So most of you probably see the title of this blog and think physical, internal cleanse. Well, partially correct…a physical cleanse in the sense of actual movement, because I have decided to relocate the rooms in our place. I am one that enjoys and embraces change, and in the past we tended to actually move to a new place. About 2 weeks ago, we considered moving and most likely will consider again in the near future, but for the mean-time I have decided to switch our home around. I am also considering having a ‘homestager’  I know come in, as I hear she helps declutter, re-organize and revamp your current home so you can enjoy it to the max.

I think it’s interesting when you first set up a specific space in your home, I tend to think ‘WOW’ what a great set-up, the best way – yeh!  Then months later a new idea is agreed upon and we think awesome, best yet…it’s wonderful how times you think you’ve got everything in the best place possible, new ideas evolve. Each and every time we switch things up in our home, allows a super cleanse – a thorough vacuum, a solid wall wiping, baseboards you forgot were there, what have you…goodbye dust, dirt, and random crayons under the couch. Hello toy pieces we thought we’d lost, hello hair stuff we have rediscovered, welcome a fresh new space to enjoy!

So today I begin my physical space cleanse, time to roll up my sleeves and get a good cardio and strength workout in while I shift furniture, reach high, reach low, and put my brain to work – it will be a work in progress, but determined to finish before moving creeps in again 🙂

FRESH start here we come!!! I will try to post pictures too 🙂

Later tonight…okay posting a few before and after pics of my 5 hrs of cleansing today. Quick iphone, not correct lighting ones, but you’ll get the gist. 🙂  (side note: I was a true multi-tasker tonight. Wanted to reward myself with an epsom salt bath, and get girls in bed prior to Dai’s arrival home, so I read aloud two stories out of  ‘Cup of Comfort – Inspiration’ from the bath to the girls…they were actually listening, I was very pleased. Oh, and I also discovered ‘Cup of Comfort’ has a website – woo hoo!) A really productive and refreshing day!'Office Area soon to be Dining Area''Once Office Area, now Our Dining Area''Dining Area (aka dumping zone) soon to be Work Area''Once Dining Area, now Work Area' A work in progress…

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