My goodness, where does time go? My last journal entry being on the 28th, now being the 6th, I can’t believe it. Honestly, it is not the matter of not having a few minutes to record my thoughts, but when I was sitting thinking ‘why such a long time since I last visited my site or why such a struggle to put thoughts to keyboard, I came up with a couple reasons (or excuses)…

One being, new concept. It has been ages since I regularly wrote in my journal. Making a daily or even a few times a week entry is a way of life I am revisiting.  I find it so easy to go about my day and then be heading to bed, boom another day gone. Even grabbing a pen and paper, putting down complete gibberish does not take as much time in my mind. I find myself falling into old ways,  ‘when I get blank done, I will sit down to get blank done’. **PRIORITIES** As well, I am a gal who can not say NO to people. Sometimes just cause I can be too nice, but a lot of the time I truly don’t want to say no. Why not, eh?

Another ‘reason’ I came up with was purple funk. ‘Purple Funk’ is the term I use to describe my not sure what is quite up attitude. When my mood is slightly off, for no real reason, can’t quite explain it, but I just feel indifferent.  Not sad, happy, mad, or much of anything. Over the past 10 days I have experienced a few purple funk days. I realize these are days I should actually make a stronger point in writing, allowing myself to possibly work thru the mood.

Final reason, the week I am beginning to take note of – my super sensitive, critical week, just before my ‘Aunt Flow’ visits. I will further touch on this point another time, but let’s just say poor Dai receives the brunt of it. Knowing he has his moments when he has not eaten for a bit, I am hoping he is realizing the trend and is able to recover with flying colours.

So none-the-less, I am baaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk @ it, and glad to be.  I have been making a list of all the things, thoughts, ideas, etc I want to share on this site. Pictures, favorites, goals, opinions, video clips, experiences, & …

Thanks for all the great feedback, support or for just stopping by. I am pumped to hear from the people inspired to do the same sort of thing. PLEASE do not feel you are copying me, we all copy each other, just promise to send me your link!

Over and Out ~ xo C

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