Today has been a day of mixed emotions…mostly joy, don’t get me wrong. Along with joy, I have experienced:

Hesitation, accomplishment, frustration, discouragement, happiness, sadness, confusion, love, excitement, contentment, well I am sure there’s more but I’ll pause there for now.  I am feeling many paths today, if that makes sense.  Friendship path, kildet path, my partnership path, my mom path, and my to-do list path. I was brought to tears with kind words today, my heart raced with uncertainty, and my face glowed with happiness and love!

I am sure most days consist of many feelings, but today I was aware of the many I experienced.  I think it’s a good thing and feel blessed to have such loving family and friends that mix me up and keep me on my toes…life is definitely not boring.

Just wanted to share I had a good day all in all am thankful to be able to feel!

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