When was the last time you connected with family or friends just because? Not because it was someone’s birthday, not due to a funeral or a wedding, not school or work related…JUST BECAUSE

Our idea initially began as something for Little C to look forward to when she was in the hospital a couple weeks ago. (So possibly it wasn’t ‘just because’, but we figured why not) It was super cute when B came to visit and she disclosed the ‘plan’ to get some friends together and go to Chuck E Cheese once C was all better.  Then last week Dai mentioned why don’t we invite some families and go bowling on Sunday…it was near the end of the week by the time I finally sent out an invite for some Family Fun at 4pm.  ‘Who is up for a game of bowling, then a 5pm dinner at Boston Pizza’? It was a huge hit – 24 peeps, consisting of kids from school, their siblings, moms, and dads!

It truly worked out great 🙂 Everyone had so much fun, the kids behaved so well, BP did a really good job with our mixed large party, and it wrapped up in time for a good nights sleep. Our monkey’s were catching flies before we pulled into our garage – Love it!

We were able to connect with folks we don’t often get to spend time with, and Dai was stoked for the dad’s to finally be included and be able to meet up. Us moms are pretty good at connecting on a fairly regular basis, whether it be at school or during our mommies/girls nights, but the dads don’t have or create the same opportunities. So today was a complete success!

I highly recommend connecting with people in your life ‘JUST BECAUSE’…you may be surprised what you learn about them, you may be pleased to just be social, whatever the benefit, knowing we all enjoyed each others company, shared some good laughs and are looking forward to our next outing – I am extremely happy!

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