BUT I guarantee you don’t know what Sunday Funday actually is until you experience it.

No one can really explain the energy, the diversity, or the support received when you engage with this dynamic crew of athletes. We look at each person who joins us in the circle as an athlete, whether you did a sport way back when or never before, there is an athlete within and we’re here to encourage and assist with the discovery of what you are capable of, physically and mentally. We are here to enhance ourselves within and the lives around us.

The friends (well family) we have cultivated through our two year commitment to providing a Sunday morning WOD (workout of the day)

What does Sunday Funday mean to you?

B – a day of climbing and jumping around, getting your energy out, staying fit, and meeting new people. More and more fun every sunday!

C – means waking up early, getting ice cream after and having family whole foods day, getting to play imagination games, and nice relaxing time in the afternoon.


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