“It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a smaaaaall, smaaaaall world”

Yes, we have arrived at ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’! Dai and I planned a last-minute trip to Disneyland and decided to keep it a secret from Chardonae and Brie. The girls have talked about going to Disneyland for some time now (probably close to 2 years). With a misunderstanding in regards to a flight credit, we had less than two weeks to complete travel..

This time round we figured Disneyland it was. Passports had been filled out June 2009 and had yet to be dropped off.  I thought all the info and pics were no longer good, and had put off getting them done again. Note: you have 1 year to submit the pictures and info if you have already filled it out. I was also delaying the process to a day where I had both girls accompany me. Note 2: children do not to be with you in person to apply.  Knowing we required the passport to travel in less than 2 weeks, I was willing to pay the rush processing charge and because I did not have tickets in hand to confirm date of departure, they would not take my $30 extra per passport (wtf – is this not the government, I thought for sure they’d be all over the opportunity to take my money). So instead I had to pay $10 extra per passport to personally pick up the passports on a date given. (rather than have them to pay for the postage required to deliver them to my house – costs me to create less work and save then money, anyways…) So our passports were rare’n and ready Friday, February 19th, our flights were booked Saturday, February 20th, and we were off.

Our neighbor friends Tami and Kevin were part of the delivery to the airport. Kev lent Tam his truck to pretend to take Daddy Dai to the airport for his ‘fitness work trip’. Chardonae and Brie thought we were just dropping him off and then going about our day (ie. Clara’s birthday party at the bowling alley, then putting stickers on their nails). We arrive at YVR just before noon, Dai had told the girls he had a surprise for them once we were at the airport…SURPRISE, ‘mommy and you get to come with me!’ C & B think, woo hoo we get to go on Daddy’s work trip with him. No inquires about where we are going, no questions at all. 

I think Tami was slightly disappointed, as she was probably hoping to witness these two little girls go wild when they realize their dream of going to Disneyland had come true. Instead Dai and I spent the next 6 hours dropping little clues, still nothing.  We had booked the Disney Express shuttle from the airport to the hotel, it arrived wrapped with the castle and large ‘DISNEYLAND’ print on the side, and they thought – WOW, we get to ride a bus advertising Disneyland, super cool. LOL

Both the girls fell asleep on the bus ride to the hotel, so in their defence we arrive at The Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland and still no idea – OMg. 🙂 Finally we spell it out once we are settled in the room…we are at DISNEYLAND! Wow, cool daddy’s work is at Disneyland, will we have time to go on any rides? Oooooooooooooooooooooo Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, we tricked you and are not really on daddy’s work trip, we surprised you with a trip to Disneyland!!!! Oh! Does Clara know why I wasn’t at her birthday, you told Mrs. Barber, so everyone knew but us?!?!? Finally, we were all on the same page – toooooooooooooo freak’n funny!

Dreams began shortly afterward, awaiting a yummy breakfast with Chip ‘N Dale!!!

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