I strongly disliked early mornings! Period. Much like a night club bartender, early mornings and me didn’t mix. At least not until…

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November 2013, almost 3 months in to working my first Monday to Friday 9-5 gig, I personally needed something to change.  I no longer could neglect ‘me’ in life, I knew better. I had spent years associating with people who think differently, who refuse to settle, who understand the benefits of personal development, and who desire more out of life. Don’t get me wrong, I was thoroughly enjoying my new routine. I loved getting dressed up, having lunches prepared, leaving the house as a family each morning, I found my work stimulating and inviting, my relationship with my family wasn’t suffering, however something was missing and needed to change.

The first 2 months were a temporary contract, which developed into a 1 year contract, so though a couple months of neglecting certain pieces of my life and avoiding the ‘to-do’ list was manageable, continuing on this path was only setting myself up for regret, and I knew better. For those that may already be on the path of regret, a decision to change and implementing action is a great place to start.

I saw friends post early morning pics and updates on Facebook (oh the ever powerful tool of social media), I had read and heard enough great leaders speak of the power of early mornings, and from my previous 90-day track record, I knew beginning my day earlier would benefit me and everyone I care about. My own husband had been starting his day around 5am for the past year (not going to lie, I would make fun of his ‘just because’ ridiculously early start), but I had personally witnessed extreme advancements in his personal self and career. I typically struggle waking up when it’s still dark (unless I’mcatching an airplane), I tend to leave things to the last minute knowing what I didn’t do in the morning could be put off until nighttime (I’d convinced myself that I did my best work late in the day versus early morning), and I truly enjoy my sleep! SO why on earth would I be considering waking up at 5am (2 hours sooner than I currently was)?

Great things were on the horizon, so began my weekday 5am journey. It’s a process. I definitely wasn’t a rock star fresh out of the gate, but have faith I’m conquering the 5am start. Some can go cold turkey and be bang on with a 180 degree change. Challenging my comfort zone, but not overwhelming myself completely seems to work best when personally creating a lifestyle change. I began with committing to go to bed by 10pm every night for the first week. The following week, I set my alarm for 5am wake up calls, but with NO expectations of productive time (after all, just opening my eyes period was an accomplishment). I then committed to actually getting out of bed, whether I did anything I was planning on doing or not, choosing to celebrate my accomplishment of being upright at 5am itself. THEN, lastly, the #5amClub was born…

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A lovely gal had requested a few minutes of my time. So I made a cup of tea and answered the phone call on a Saturday morning in December. Little did I know I wasn’t the only one that was struggling finding time to focus on her aspirations outside of motherhood and daily commitments. So I shared my 5am vision and the purpose behind my commitment. She wanted to do it as well, and accepted my offer to keep her accountable. I hung up from that call, created a facebook group, recruited a few others I knew had similar interests and voila…we had formed an accountability group to keep us on track. Teamwork makes the dreamwork‘ definitely rings strong when it comes to making significant life changes. I couldn’t be more proud of the group we have formed, the inspiration, the insight, the respect and admiration we all share. I am beyond stoked for what’s ahead and all this journey has to unfold.

Since engaging in this new routine, a number of others have inquired what exactly does this #5amClub entail. Check back for ‘The What, The Why, and The How of the #5amClub’ for tips and tricks to conquering early mornings, and stay connected as I share my progress in my weekly #5amClub post. Curious in engaging with the #5amClub?  Connect with me on facebook, I’d love to hear from you.

Be sure to share your triumphs/struggles below or message me directly at christie@christiekennedy.com anytime.


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