This past fall when there was major hype about the H1N1 (aka ‘swine flu’), a friend of mine quarantined herself in her house. I offered to grab anything she might need from the store. Her only request…ginger and cinnamon. Interesting request, but no problemo!

Well what kind of ginger – root, powder, or raw ‘sushi ginger? Ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks?

Went with root and sticks. Good call, as it turned out she needed them for a hot drink concoction for sore throats.It sounded yummy, so I made a pot of our own to try at home. Every time any of us feel a tickle or stuffy head, Chardonae and Brie suggest the ‘MAGIC TEA’!

Our MAGIC TEA goes like this…

In a pot or tea pot combine –  BOILING WATER, grate a generous piece of GINGER ROOT (peel the rough coating away, then grate as much as your taste buds can handle. Often I will end up adding more), include 3-4 CINNAMON STICKS, and either LEMON JUICE or chunks of lemon.  The more ginger, cinnamon, and lemon the better!

Let it all hang out/steep for about 15 minutes and drink. I will just re-heat a glass whenever needed. I have no idea whether the combo kills the germs in your throat or whether it’s just in my head, but it works to fight whatever we may be coming down with.

So before we turn to meds, we enjoy MAGIC TEA! mmmmmm mmmmmm good.

Thanks T&K

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