April has arrived and so has the warmer weather, which means it time to tone up those arms. Suns Out, Guns Out Baby! If you’re looking for a full body workout to have you feeling more confident for the beach, I suggest combining Suns Out/Guns Out April, which is arm focused, Fab Abs February, which is core focused, and March Our Buns Off, which is lower body focused. Feel free to break them up throughout the day even, just commit to something and do your best to stick with it.  These calendars have been kept simple, so there’s really no excuse to not complete and celebrate a fitness victory each day! If you are unsure of the movements, I have included a video featuring the April arm movements, as well you can view past videos on my youtube channel.

Arm focused daily workout!

Arm focused daily workout!

The more the merrier, so share away and keep each other posted/accountable to following thru! You’ll be stoked what you can accomplish when you implement the compound effect!

Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support, please touch base anytime and keep me posted on your progress. I am challenging myself to do all 3 calendars for the next 30 days and I know my kids will be keeping me on track this month, as they have a personal incentive to do so. My actual goal being, to go to bed feeling good that I did something physical and met with my daily commitment – WHO’S WITH ME?



Any questions, just ask!

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