Today marked the first official day of crossfit. I consider it a journey, as change is inevitable in all aspects and there is no real end in sight! Since one of my intentions for this site is to journal, I have created a specific area to keep track of my progress. I will do my best to post each workout, mention if I modified it, and my results…HERE WE GO!!!

Anyone who knows me, is aware I am a social person and that also crosses into exercise for me. I enjoy company! I believe I am an accountable person, and if I have committed to someone, I actually look forward to pretty much whatever we are about to embark on. So last week I convinced one of my best friends to try crossfit with me (well she too is a go-getter and truthfully it didn’t take much convincing) and because she is better at doing her schedule in advance and locked me in for sure last Thursday, we arrived ready to go this morning!  Crossfit Langley was an awesome starting point…Coach Darren is very knowledgable, patient, and encouraging. My partner Dai is an avid crossfit junkie, I have witnessed the results first hand, and though I am a strong believer in other forms of exercise I decided to take more of a personal interest in one of his passions.  

The more people I meet within the crossfit community and the more competitions I watch, inspires me to get more involved. I am not so good at hanging on the sidelines, so engaging was inevitable once I was truly exposed. So at this point my schedule allows me to commit to 2 solid classes a week at Crossfit Langley, any other opportunities are a bonus. The others days I have a holistic personal trainer, a day committed to some gal pals and the Power Plate, along with a session in the pool, the gym at the Y or a hot yoga class.  A good variety, so we’ll see how it goes. Something active 6 days a week and the 7th a good solid stretch.

Everyone starts somewhere…I thought the bar might be ambitious, so I had pretty much decided to do the modification with the goblets squats first time out, but coach said to try the bar. I completed 5, but wasn’t sure I would be able to actually add weight, so I did round two with the goblet squats. Was encouraged to try the bar again, this time we added 5 each side (55lbs total), then round 4 (65lbs total). I noticed others were glistening and breathing a little heavier during the 2-3 minutes rests between rounds, maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough. Coach spotted the next round at 85lbs – now I felt a little burn by the fifth squat 🙂

I lost count in the AMRAP, but was feeling really good from start to finish! I know I for sure completed 8, but possibly 9 rounds. I modified with 50 singles, instead of 20 double-unders. In the warm up I switched it up between double and singles, as I am told practice will improve my skill.

Thanks to Dai, Karyn, and Coach Darren – I felt awesome today and am looking forward to getting back at it Thursday!

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