I recently attended the Fitness Town Toastmasters group where the ‘Thought of the Day’  for this health and fitness oriented crew, struck a chord and now almost a week later I am adding this message to my online journal/scrapbook because it’s a keeper. I am sure a large number of folks are aware of the below message, at least the vast majority of the planet are familiar with the Dalai Lama, but for the first time this message resonated deep within me.

Possibly as I personally age, as I find myself on a rather focused pursuit, or because I am grateful my attention to my health is typically near the top of my list, whatever the case, thanks NB for sharing! I also want to thank my father for being a fantastic example of hard work, faith, family, and to listen to our bodies. These little reminders tend to have uncanny timing, being aware of keeping my mind and eyes opens probably helps too.


Dalai Lama

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