What a weekend! Today marked the 8th year we have been blessed with our eldest munchkin Miss C…it’s amazing to think how ‘old’ she is. She is someone special! Anyone who has had the opportunity to cross Cs path can attest to her energy, her smile, her volume, her love for life and possibly even her stubbornness. 😉 She is quite entertaining, a constant ball of excitement and joy, a confident, extremely friendly and bright girl ~ an absolute riot!

Speaking of riot (well most of the above actually), I was reminded of a specific story recently and thought in honour of her birthday, I might share it (don’t believe I have blogged this one yet, but not totally sure)…

so picture a somewhat petite and lengthy (ok, maybe scrawny) little strawberry blonde little girl. Short ponytails, glasses, blue jeans rolled up her shins, a red t-shirt and sneakers. She was invited to audition for the Ramona and Beezus movie fall of grade 1. Nothing out of the norm in regards to the audition process – sign in, wait, called in to meet the casting director, return a few minutes later and we’re on our way home. There are usually a handful of typical questions they tend to ask…I always ask C ‘what did they ask you today?’

As we are walking across the set grounds to our vehicle, hand-in-hand, she mentions a couple questions and shares her responses, then she says ‘they asked me what my favorite thing to do is’ I respond ‘wicked, what did you answer?’


Yes, I must agree, the girls really enjoy it when Dad ‘wrestles’ with them…tossing them onto the bed, pretending to jump on them, he is 200lbs of muscle and they work up a real sweat trying to take him down ~ ridiculously cute!!! But the way it was delivered didn’t sound the same. It takes a fair bit to stop me in my tracks and I thought OMg, child services may be at my door upon my arrival home. YIKEs…

Trying to not seem alarmed, I asked C how they responded. She said ‘they just laughed’. I proceeded to inform her that maybe next time we can add that daddy has his clothes on and you girls have your undies on. That night we receive a call from our agent and the casting crew wanted to see her again – she got a callback for the next day! Considering no one was ‘waiting’ for us when we got home and she was invited back, I figured her response must have made a positive impression and we were in the clear.

So the next day we do it all over again, this time when it was her turn, she walked in the door and the entire room burst out in laughter ‘we remember you!’. During the walk to the car, we spoke about how it went and C says they asked again what her favorite thing to do was. ‘what did you say this time sweets?’ ‘the same, it hasn’t changed mom. Wrestle naked with my daddy, BUT he has his clothes on and I have my underwear on.’

Just one of the many examples of WHAT A RIOT my now 8 year old little girl is. Definitely a story we will recall for years to come 🙂

Happiest of years ahead Miss C! Mommy loves you mostest (inside thing our family does) Mwah! xoxo

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