So I have been a little MIA at the kids school lately…other commitments, trying to sort some of my life out, you name it. Today I felt the desire to assist at the school and make a day of it. I started with helping in Cs room, then doing some PAC stuff, hot lunch, then an afternoon of decorating the front foyer with a Christmas tree and a little extra love throughout. I am not the most efficient and organized human being, though I appreciate it and strive to be at times…Christmas usually doesn’t begin in our household till well into December. After today I am definitely motivated to begin earlier this year. 🙂

I want to share a wonderful feeling that came about at approximately 225 today. As we were cleaning up, we hear this roar throughout the school…cheering, rumbling, aaaaaaaaannnnnnnd to our discovery…it was SNOWING outside!!! The classrooms saw this and burst into cheering – how super cool!

The principal makes an announcement, the bell rings and children flooded out of their classrooms with huge smiles….

‘Did you see it, it was snowing?’

‘Did you see the snow?’

‘How awesome, it was really snowing!’

Though the snow only lasted a few minutes before returning to rain, being able to experience the joy in our school was a true delight!  It made the day I spent at our incredible little girls school even better. I am so blessed to be able to share in those moments – thank you Dai for allowing me the opportunity to be a full time mom. xo

Hoping you embrace the little moments in life…I can’t help but think ‘WHAT A Day!’ and smile 🙂

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