Well tomorrow officially marks the end of the first solo week without my munchkins during the day…yeppers, both C & B are dropped off at school 830am and picked up at 230pm. They LOVE it! B is so freakin cute, tosses her backpack over her shoulder, asks I ‘throw’ her out on the curb, and boots it to her door. Let it be known, I do not ‘throw’ her out, as much as she’d like to be dropped off on the sidewalk outside her classroom instead of parking and having me walk her to the door, I will not allow the opportunity to pass them off to the incredible teachers slip by that quickly. Plus they still hug (and kiss) me goodbye. 🙂

It’s crazy to think that they are already 5  & 7, such independent and confident little girls. B has the monkey bars down to a science and C ensures her little sis is taking care of (even if it’s a distance `because we each need our own time with our friends`). B had her very first playdate after school. She has had loads of plays with kids, some with a parent, some without, but today was the first time she invited a friend from her class and us moms have never socially hung out. C was fabulous, letting the two little ones play alone, and it was so sweet. Zuzu pets, imagination, snack, but the highlight being the pile of pillows and quilts they put at the bottom of the stairs, so they could `jump` – no broken limbs, thank goodness!

I have yet to really have much time to `pick my bum`, and am enjoying ticking off the few things I have accomplished on my to do list `guilt free`. 🙂 Not ignoring a child, no one depending on me to entertain or feed them, realizing I forgot to buy something and popping back in the store for a quick sec vs the extra minutes it takes when you have someone in tow. I enjoy getting my physical activity in early in the day vs contemplating it all day and then struggling to actually get my arse out the door to do it in the evening. I am usually one to embrace exercise, it’s the dinner, bedtime, homework, etc that gets in the way – lol, no more!

I have had 4 true solo days (solo day = 830 to 230 kiddies in class), well 3.5 if you count the field trip I partook in this morning, and all is well so far…hoping to get more active on my journaling and will have more exciting updates and stories to share.

Sending love and hugs ~ C

Oh wait, by the way…B lost her first tooth just before bed on Friday Sept. 10 (grandma Lynda’s bday) and then a second on Sunday Sept. 12 morning. C was pretty stoked for her little sis, as B lost her first tooth at the start of Kindergarten and C lost hers spring break of Kindergarten – once again, too freakin cute those two!

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