Yes, I make mistakes. I forget. I am not perfect and here’s proof…

B lost her tooth Monday afternoon, sweet pea puts it under her pillow last night and because we didn’t do our usual ‘prayer’ to the tooth fairy, where we give her a heads up and request she consider leaving the tooth here instead of taking it to teeth heaven, she didn’t visit – YIKES!

I only realize this when B almost climbs on top of my head as she pounces on our bed this morning before school. ‘mom, the tooth fairy DIDN’T visit. She DIDN’T come.’ B was slightly puzzled, I am barely awake, and C rolls over…’she probably didn’t come because I was up throughout the night coughing. Either I was awake or making too much noise and scared her off’ YES – C is a rock star! B was convinced, I was baffled and C was sorry and she would do her best tonight to be quiet and stay asleep.

How awesome is that ~ Mom and Dad’s oops, and big sis saves the day!!!

So tonight, crawling into bed, B does her little ‘prayer’ to the tooth fairy, we place the star tooth case in between her pillows and kiss goodnight. Both girls are dreaming all snug in their beds and the tooth fairy is sure to visit. Hopefully with her usual…a book and some cash, along with a message praising for the clean, shiny teeth, to keep up the good work, and an extra coin for the great job the sis has been doing!

So I am not perfect, but it doesn’t mean things can’t work out perfectly ~ Sweet Dreams!

OMg ~ just checked and the tooth is no where to be found, I think B is hiding it. 🙂 LOL.

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