Six years ago today, I woke up with a little cramping, nothing major. Decided I may want to get C all packed up for a sleepover at Auntie Jen and Uncle Chris’ just incase…3 hours later there is a knock on our door. KNOCK, KNOCK!

Since rising out of bed I had rang the midwife to give her a heads up that I was cramping consistently, I had been completely mobile, stopping only for a few minutes every so often and lean on the couch until it passed, had eaten, washed and dressed and was back and forth down the hall collecting last minute items Dai, C, or I may need. We weren’t expecting anyone yet…

Turned out to be our midwife. She was on her way into clinic and thought she’d stop by to check me out, so she would have some sort of idea of how her day may unfold. One of the many perks of choosing a midwife – house call! So she examines me in our bedroom, and what was a fairly chilled morning became a ‘HS’ (holy shit, just in case) hour!!!

Though she was doing her best to stay calm, panic was surfacing quite abruptly as she urgently asked how long it would take me to get to the hospital? I am thinking, uuuummmm she drives this route all the time, possibly 10 minutes max??? Turned out she meant how much more did I need to do before I could leave and arrive at the hospital…I had dilated to 9 cm and this baby could come ANYTIME. She was so concerned, she wanted me to ride with her in her car. I decided to ride with Dai and C and she would follow. Follow she did, we were racing to BC Children’s and she bolted behind us through the yellow/red lights even. We pulled into the drop zone, she scurried me in, Dai dropped C with Uncle Chris (thank goodness he was home when we needed him).

I checked in, Dai met back up with me and all was good in the hood. 🙂 I remember wearing a yellow shirt, posing for a picture while we all settled into the labour room. By now ‘doula’ Jenn, Jess, and the student midwife who had requested to be a part of the birth had arrived and I don’t recall any major pain at this point. Honestly was baffled I had reached 9am so ‘easily’ – craziness, this baby was an extremely kind and gentle one and I couldn’t wait to meet ‘it’. No one really was expecting this birth to unravel so quickly, my longest best-friend (besides my sister’s & brothers, as my parents always taught us) wasn’t even able to make it from UBC in time to partake in the birth. She did make it in time to bring little C to meet her new little sister B though!

What an awesome birth B was, an experience I will cherish forever. Though it was a quickie, her introduction to the world was just her own, fairly low maintenance and unique, as has been the past 6 years – B is a bundle of amazement and joy, she can be patient, accepting, stubborn, creative, funny, and loving all in one day! She and her big sis are the best of buds (majority of the time) and she LOVES to cuddle.

Happy Birthday Miss B – I love you so very much!!!

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