Today I was a very proud mama, for many reasons!

Firstly, thank you to Dai who without his hard work, the girls and I may not have the opportunities we are fortunate to experience. Muchos Gracious!

So my day began with a shower, which is a plus for me because I often choose sleep in a cozy warm bed for a ‘few’ more minutes over getting cold and wet in the shower. Dai is a crazy morning man, I a night owl, so our kids have the best of both worlds.

We have volunteered to help with putting parking lot cones out at Chardonae’s school on Thursday mornings (soon to be Brie’s as well Sept.  2010), so out the door a little earlier, another treat, as we are usually have a  ‘go,go, go’ morning to get to class before the bell.

After helping out for about an hour in Chardonae’s classroom, Brie and I are off to gymnastics. Final day, BIG performance, can’t be late! LOVED IT – it was super cute and she was so incredibly confident. Her spirit and skills were wonderful. I was beaming with joy and had a bad case of proud mama syndrome. Finished with a ta-da and a medal – but Brie was most stoked for the fruit yogurt parfait from McDonald’s she new was waiting in the car. lol

Home for lunch with Uncle Mike. Grilled cheese and soup – our favorite meal to share with him. Then off to get Chardonae from school for 230, our usual chatty Cathy time, home to grab swim stuff and…

Now today was the last class for this sessions swim lessons. They were so excited! They both have really embraced the swimming thing and each time they are in the water, they think they are little fish. Who cares Brie has yet to swim on her own and will once again be registered in level 3 (for the 5th time possibly), she is putting her head under and that’s HUGE. Chardonae does the entire 25m end to end, no touching. They both did the diving board solo and listen well to the coaches. Next session begins next week, and I was able to get them in the pool at the same time – which means I have no excuse and plan to swim laps, like back in the day. Look out PSW (swim club at our local pool), an ex – KISU swimmer is in the house!

Dried, dressed and off to soccer. Both the girls are such troopers, they truly rock. Brie took a cat nap in the car, while Chardonae did her best to focus at soccer practice. Focus does not refer to being tired, it refers to an 8 year old brother of one of her teammates, who C tends to be distracted by. Big smiles and giggles the  entire practice.  None-the-less she is finally starting to engage and sees the benefits of soccer. Too cute, tonight, she committed to sticking with soccer until she is 8.

From soccer practice, we were off to a friend’s place to make pizza and hang out. Both the girls were so well-behaved, besides Chardonae’s RIDICULOUSLY stinky and silent butt – good lord, watery eyes, almost pass out smell. What the?

A wicked and eventful day in the life of a very proud mama and her girls. Thanks you Daddy Dai!

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