Missing my family a little more than usual lately.  I think of my family always, but the past couple months and especially the past few weeks, I find myself remembering times we shared.  Laughs and tears, hugs, wine, triumphs, struggles, prayers, hardwork, chillaxin, just being in each others presence…I have an absolutely incredible family.  I know I may be bias, but they truly kick ass! Deni, Shanna, Bobby, Billy, Micki, Dad, Trace, the little munchkins and significant others, as well as the uncles and aunts, grandparents and cousins.  I live with peace and comfort knowing I can ‘harass’ and love on them anytime. A huge shout out to my fam – thank you for being you, thank you for loving on each other even when daily contact isn’t there, and know I love, admire and appreciate each of you. xoxox

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