Alright here’s a quick, out there entry regarding Cs 7th birthday bash…it was fairy-iffic! This was the first year she did not invite everyone and their dog. 🙂 Considering her first bday was two parts, round one held in  the atrium at the Broadway & Granville Cactus Club with a few play mates, but mostly consisting of about 35 elders. Followed up with an evening bash back at our apartment on Burrard & 5th for the peeps who had worked during the day. We didn’t want anyone to miss out on the big event, of course. Then there was the party held at our place near Crescent Beach, all the preschool buddies, their siblings, most of their parents, loads of food, sand bucket crafts, trampoline and craziness. Following year, the trampoline, less parents, loads of fun and still craziness galore! Due to lack of planning and trying to sort out a venue for 30 people, last year’s party with friends was skipped – too funny really, considering we love social events. We couldn’t get past the fact that we may have to narrow down the guest list, and goodness gracious leave someone we like out of the festivity. Well we  accomplished just that for the first time…

only took us 7 years to join the masses. We originally were forced to create a 10 person guest list due to the art studio we planned to host the party at. Then low and behold, Tuesday comes around and I had tried a couple times to connect with the studio over Easter weekend, to then find out that they were closed all weekend and I was actually conversing with the Kitsilano location – OMg 🙂 Well we chose to make lemonade and created a ‘Fairy Garden’ in the dining room/kitchen of our townhouse. $100 later at the local dollar store (I was shocked when the gal said $117.92, as I was not sure it was possibly to spend that at a dollar store – wt?), we had lovely fake flowers, vines, a billowing forest roof made of plastic green table clothes, little butterflies, dragonflies, a ‘grassy’ curtain made of streamers and a sparkly sign! ~ Voila~

I could never have pulled off such an awesome event for our fairy princess and her pixie friends if it weren’t for two amazing friends of my own. E & T worked wonders – thank you so so so much!  From cake making, decorating, snack prep and party support. Thanks to D for her serving skills too. 🙂 The party began at 545pm Friday and I could have been enjoying a glass of wine in peace by 845 – a job well done!

C had planned her first big girl sleepover with one friend that night, so after the party consisting of fairy punch (aka Fresca or lemon water), flower shaped sandwiches, crackers, cheese, sausage, pickles, and a fruit fondue. Not to forget face/arm painting, glitter make up, nail painting, cookie decorating, and cake (was pretty proud of our creation, I must say), the girls were ready for a bubble bath!

Followed with a late night Panago delivery, cuddling up to watch Tinkerbell and dreamland by 1100…it was a magical time!

Can’t forget the incredible Daddy Dai – he was the perfect partner, with no complaints, hassle free and letting my imagination run wild. He took B out for her very own special night by asking her out on a daddy/daughter date – so cute!  Her first movie solo with her daddy. She was stoked. They went shopping to pick out a little something for C. The went to see ‘How to Tame your Dragon’. B had a wonderful time!


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