Just a little quick memory I want to record for the future…

Whenever we are out walking, B (my youngest munchkin) takes twice as long to get anywhere, though she is the go-go-go energy kid, she must stop and RESCUE EVERY WORM on the sidewalk. LMAO – picture this little girl going full speed on her scooter this morning to school…erch, bends down as closely to the pavement as possible and oh so gently lifts each worm she passes and carefully places them back on the lawn. She is adamant to ensure no one steps on them. It is so freakin cute, hilarious and touching.

We have been successful in diverting her from most worms when it is pouring rain, so not to drown the poor things, but she has this uncanny concern and passion for bugs and insects. She is AWESOME! Both my girls are. Now her ‘partner in crime’ C assists her…spots them, but refuses to touch them herself, makes for a great partnership. 

What a great way to start my day! LMAO 🙂

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