Almost 3 weeks since C began her meds for her arthritis. She wants to document her journey and I support her in doing so, as we have found a number of positive stories online, the majority seem to be originating with a far more severe case of arthritis than what she seems to be faced with. C could probably have gone ages without pursuing medical help, since her discomfort is rather random and has yet to inconvenience her life for any longer than a couple days at a time. I feel for the parents and kids who deal with arthritic symptoms on a regular basis and the more I read or people I meet, the more fortunate we realize we are. C doesn’t seem to live in constant pain, she has an amazing attitude, rarely complains and her life has been minimally affected.  She has become accustomed to revising certain movements or is slightly more cautious at times, but after our visit this week, I am very glad we revisited the specialist requests and had her properly assessed.

Below is a video of her first day of taking meds. You are able to experience her spirit and quirkiness – love her to bits!

From the original appointment at BC Children’s in December, where they did blood work, x-rays, and a physical joint assessment, to January’s visit where they reported on her December tests, took measurements and devised a plan of treatment, and after 3 weeks of meds (and us trying to get her diet back on track), her mobility has doubled!

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Little C is a great student that is highly motivated with rewards, so she negotiated with Dai and I that if she takes her meds daily and does a few exercise’s each day (she specifically requested exercises from the doctors – lol), she will receive 3 marks/week on the board, which in turn becomes $$ every 2 weeks for being committed and following thru.

So within a month we see positive progress and it made my day to hear C enthusiastically say, ‘Mom, you know what my challenge goal is? To join the track and field team!’ Not typically a request from someone with inflammation in their joints. Those who know Little C, know she tends to choose drama, swimming, golf, reading, movies, biking, but not usually anything that involves running. Possibly it has to do with the ‘Athletic Award’ she received this month from her teacher – encouragement at it’s finest!


So we’re officially fully engaged in the journey to bettering Cs mobility in her wrists and hopefully putting all joint issues into remission, and I feel extremely optimistic this little 9 year old girl will be moving some major mountains in her life! Little C amazes me big time!  


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