I couldn’t pass up the chance to feature my little bro in my online journaling. Voting for this year’s (well I suppose the next 3 years) Kelowna city council has come to a close and this guy put forth an incredible effort. Bobby Kennedy, a 26 year old husband, father, brother, son, nephew, cousin, uncle, entrepreneur and friend to many (just to name a few of his roles;)! A local boy determined to move Kelowna forward and allow the youth to prosper, instead of flee. I love that fact that he just stepped up to the plate and was willing to take on the challenges to create change.

I have no doubt he opened the eyes of plenty, especially folks that had taken very little interest in politics prior to this election. Thru facebook alone, the amount of people who commented, shared links and videos, or gave shout outs regarding this election were something else.

Bobby received close to 2500 votes. 2449 people filled in the oval next to his name. Though not enough to be elected this time round, pretty freak’n impressive if you ask me! I love that Bobby was true form from start to finish and will continue being true to his values, beliefs and initiatives.

Be sure to stay tuned, as I am sure this is not the last we hear of Bobby Kennedy. He (& my other awesome brother Billy) can be found at The Bakery Board Shop and Lounge (189 Highway 33 East, Rutland BC). Be sure to swing by, skate, ride or walk in to say hi and see their ridiculously cool set up. Bobby would be thrilled to have the chance to chat about change, skateboarding, snowboarding, and creating good times for all to enjoy and prosper from.


Life is for living and this wise young man is definitely choosing to live it! 26 year old, husband, father, and successful business owner…Cheers to Bobby, thank you for taking a stance and choosing to engage – we are all so proud of you and honoured to have you a part of the Kennedy Clan!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present, are certain to miss the future.”


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