Hair today and gone to someone else tomorrow…Little C has officially donated her first ponytail to Wigs for Kids! At the beginning of grade 2 C insisted she get no more hair cuts, she wanted looooonnnnng hair. With great negotiation we were able to get the odd trim/clean up over the past couple years, but nothing major.

After numerous times of trying to comb thru her ‘creative’ mess and educate her on proper hair care, I became slightly heated and said “that’s it, you either take care of your hair or we chop it all off.”  The quick and snarky response I received was ‘fine cut it, but I am going to donate it to cancer, huh!”

So here we have it peeps…


I think her new do looks fabulous (and is a heck of a lot easier to manage)! There’s times you aren’t so sure of yourself as a parent, and then your children restore your faith – THANK YOU C for being so thoughtful, creative, generous, independent and fun…we love you and are so incredibly proud of your decision.

Eva & Co. ~ Vancouver, BC

Special thanks to Britt Black at Clear Hair Studios for her killer service and expertise!

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