Yo Yo Yo! Craziness, over two months and counting…I am finally going to catch you up to speed a little. Thanks to all who continued to check in on the Mom On The Run blog. Most of you receive my regular facebooks, so you’ll know we have moved!!! What a wonderful and beautifully busy couple months with school winding down, all the PAC and class parent duties came to a close, downsizing and simplifying our life (still in the process of simplification – always tho, lol), relocating, summer trips, swimming, biking, and even a legit crossfit intro!

The girls love our new pad! So freak’n cute that moving was ‘their idea’ and each day we wake up we experience the joy and excitement they have for the new changes. They have began the pen pal process with some of their old friends and have embraced meeting new friends. They are stoked that they have a yearly membership to the Vancouver Aquarium, that they are walking distance to so many things, and that we even get to ride the bus/aqua bus/skytrain!


I have to admit it feels like we are away for summer, I am sure our new scene won’t really settle in as permanent until routine starts up again in September, but no complaints…all is great! I find the city very inspiring and it will allow our family to experience many different things than before. Life is what you make it and I love that we choose to LIVE IT to the fullest, we have such incredible association, and we are able to focus on some of our family goals with less distractions and more conveniently.

Thank you to all our friends and family for your support, it has been truly a team effort all around! Loads of love and many hugs to all you crazy cats! Peace Out ~ Mwah!

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