Posted on March 19, 2010 ‘Christie Kennedy would love to hear any memories of my mom you may care to share…♥’ – below is what was received <3 <3 <3

your mom, my auntie linda, was a phenomanal woman, amazing mother, fabulous friend and she holds a lifetime of memories for me and my family, too many to write down…xoxo luv you long time.
One of my favourite memories is when she and I spent the day skiing at Big White. It was a glorious day of sun & powder and it was the last time we ever skied together.

However, the best part was the aprés-ski food and drinks in the lodge and especially all the free drinks we got from guys trying to hit on her.

She was always a class act & I couldn’t have been prouder to have her as my sister. I will always love and miss her. 🙁

Eating smores, the disney channel, baths with you and Denny, her beautiful blond bob, auntie Linda killing an earwig for us, swimming in your pool,her smile, she was my favorite 🙂 love you Christie!
All you’ve told me of your Mom, I see in you. She would be very proud of the woman you’ve become.
Memory One: Picking me up in the big blue van in Kelowna and driving me all the way to Penticton so that I could make your birthday party and watch my first in theatre movie, The Lady and the Tramp. Memory Two: Picking you up late at night from a sleepover at my house because you were so homesick, you missed your mom… and of course she came.
Hi Christie Mom’s are truly God’s greatest blessings on earth. Just as our mom’s were always there for us we need to continue that tradition with our beautiful girls. Life is a beautiful memory that we leave behind to those we have loved. Let’s make everyday special
sorry you lost your mom Christie. that’s a bif loss. I didn’t know her, but you are so fabulous she had to be fabulous as well. take care sweet friend
A day for memories for you and your family Chrisite. She must have been an amazing woman, and you and your girls are a part of her that lives on! Thinking of you and sending you hugs! ox
Hi Christie – where do I start. Your mom and I worked at Max Factor as beauty consultants until she had you. One of my best memories is of us going to Toronto for a 3 day sales meeting. It was a very dressy event and we planned what we would wear for weeks. The night before we left we were on the phone for hours planning which accessories went with each others outfits. Your dad yells in the background that it’s a good thing we are talking on the phone, because we’re only going to have 4 1/2 hours to talk on the plane!

I have such fond memories of doing sales calls in Kelowna and stopping at the house to visit. When Deni was born Jeff picked me up in Vancouver and brought me to Kelowna for a few days to help look after you and give your mom a bit of a break. We had such good time just sitting at the kitchen table talking and drinking tea. I couldn’t add up the hours I spent in the driveway, ready to drive back to Vancouver while your mom said good-bye. She never wanted anyone to leave.

I consider myself very lucky to have had her as a friend, even if it wasn’t as long as I would have wanted. Thinking of all of you. She was so proud of all of you kids and I know she’s smiling on all of us today…. See More

My 2 best memories of your mom are
1) when we stayed at your house in Penticton one time she made me the best homemade McMuffins ever – I have loved them ever since
2) on the same trip she took me out for a drive – just the 2 of us in her Jag, down to the Mall and bought me a video game from Radio Shack

She was a wonderful woman. I have nothing but good memories of her. She would be sooooooooo proud of you Christie!… See More

Lots of Love

I remember her smell. She always smelled so good.
Christie! A remember seeing her at track and field events – and various other events – and just thinking “Wow! She is so full of energy!! She actually made motherhood look enjoyable!! haha. She was an inspiration without even knowing her personally. You are so much like her!
I also wanted to say that over the last 16 yrs I have used your family as an example of how awesome a family with more than a couple of kids can be. When I would talk about wanting 3+ kids, I would use your family as an example “I knew this family in school and they were athletic, healthy and they all GOT along!” haha …. So a big shout out to your mom, because now that I am a mom of wee ones, I know just how much of you guys was from the effort she put in to raising you. You are an amazing woman and your mom could only have been an amazing woman as well!
I remember when we went on a trip to Palm Springs with ma and paw and we both were staying in the same motel room where we called the owners the munsters like the TV show and we both saw a bug and we were screaming and jumping on the bed. She was 16 and i was 12.. i think…
i guess today is the day to remember… i remmember you coming into the hospital as i was coming out… sweet 12 year old strong as can be just like mom
Oh wow, I remember her! She was a truly wonderful woman….I remember her dropping Deni off at my house for birthday parties! And I remember going over to your place for sleepovers and thinking, “WOW, what a cool mom!!!” She won’t be forgotten!
Hi Christie,
It’s Denise… one of my vivid memories of your mum is that whenever she came to visit she always without fail brought along her silver canister to make fresh whipped cream for her special coffee drinks with Baileys that she enjoyed so much! Thinking of her today and always… gone but never forgotten!


Hey Kiddo,
I’m not sure where to start! I know she treated me more than a Sister and spoiled me rotten when ever she could. For some reason I can’t get the old dinner conversations out of my head from when I was a Baby and I peed in her mouth. She was changing my diapers and she sprayed it back all over me, your dad knows the story best, LOL. I … See Morealso remember growing up and riding with her in the 64 TR4 and fingering guys at stop lights at 5 or 7yrs old that wouldn’t stop staring at her. I guess that’s one fond reason I still hold onto the old car. Your Mom was very special in so many ways and touched so many people’s hearts, she will never be forgotten. I used to hear from so many people all the time, how does she do it and look so great! I was very proud of your Mom Christie and always felt honored to be her Brother. Love ya, xoxoxo
I think you were with her when this happened actually but i remember being in tears b/c i missed the bus in grade one and her picking me up at the top of evergreen:) She was on my moms “can trust” list and i was very thankful that she gave me a ride to school and promised not too tell anyone that i had missed the bus on my first try at catching it. Amazing woman always warm comforting and smiling.
these are awesome, thanks for putting this out there christie and thanks to everyone who added a memory to today!
Hey Princess!!! You fill my life with Sunshine and I love you for it!!!
Believe it or not when I first met Barry, I saw this amazing picture of Linda in his office and I asked who she was… BECAUSE she looked Sooooo familiar… after about a year had passed and we had kept running 100 scenarios, it was discovered… I had met Linda at The Bay in Surrey, more than once! And received her excellent advice and wisdom on … See Moreskin-care and make-up…can you believe it!!! And about 16 years after had bought a hot tub from Barry in Kelowna! Irony at its finest…love too you all!!!
thinking of you today… and read your status. I will write back with a memory of your lovely mother!!! I totally agree, your mom would be so proud of you 🙂 love you gal.
Christie Kennedy March 18 at 11:02pm
Hi all you crazy cats – not intending to be cheezy or corny, but wanted to send some extra love for Friday. Think of you all year round, but especially now. 17 yrs is such a long while and it has gone by so quickly and considering Billy had such little time and I the most out of us kids, it always amazes me how many qualities of mom we all share and possess. We all could have gone down such seperate paths and I just want to say how proud i am of every one of you.

Thats’ all from this dorky big sis. Smile your proudest smile today…love you tons xoxox

Christie Kennedy March 19 at 4:42pm (sent to siblings and significant others)
Hi Honey!! Man I miss you….

You know I have tons of memories of your mom, and to pick one of my favorites is tricky because they were all so special. I remember even then as a young kid always feeling that a moment with her was something to be cherished, and never to be taken for granted. She had a way about her that made everything seem profound and special.

What I can say is that all of my memories have the same things in common. Her presence was so magnetic to everyone around her and whether it be 8 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon she was always full of vivaciousness, and light. Aside from her pure joy, she always looked amazing, stylish, put together and glowing. The thing that was crazy was that it was completely effortless. I think thats because her beauty truly shone from the inside out. What I can remember most was her smiling eyes and her laughter. She always made me feel funny ( even when I wasn’t)and I remember that when you were talking to her she was completely invested in what you were saying, regardless of the 50 other kids that were fighting for her attention from the magic van:) I remember that She was so good at balancing her love and affection equally
amongst her children, and their friends. She would be the mom that we would
have called if we wanted to run away from home, or if we needed advice on
anything from boys to makeup.It is clear that she has impacted so many people lives
by being open, genuine and well cool to everyone she ever met.

(the rest of the original msg con’t) The most amazing thing about your Mother is that she has found a way to stay with us all this time not just in they way she positively affected our lives, but how she comes through you Christie. Not only is she there in your beauty, but with your generous heart and kind soul. I am so thankful to have known your Mom, and I am even happier that she shines within you. I love you. ♥  Shannon Marie Cote
tears of joy…thank you to all of the above, truly. i love hearing of specific moments, one because i have a poor memory period and two it keeps her real. One day I would love to collaborate pictures and memories to create a special book for my family. Sending everyone who feels mom Lynda’s loss extra love today…be proud xoxo
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