What a great time we had this year planning and pulling off the girls birthday parties! Last year their parties were MIA, though we did sushi dinner and family stuff, none of the school friends celebrated with us. Chardonae chose a fairy theme and we created a ‘fairy garden’ in our dining/kitchen area. Brie wanted a butterfly party, so resourceful me reused the items we purchased for Cs party and turn the same area into a ‘butterflies and bugs garden’.  Cs event took place on a Friday night 545-8pm, while Bs was Saturday afternoon 1130-130. Each had about 10 friends join them.

Cs consisted of all girls, a fairy princess tea party, where the adults served the pixies who were ‘shrunk’ by pixie dust when they arrived. Too cute 🙂 Face painting, pretty nails, and a little sparkle shadow kept them busy. Along with getting to personally decorate their own princess crown cookie with edible markers. Goody bags went home with a wand, some fairy stickers, hair ribbon, butterfly ring, a rock candy sucker, a garden journal with a pen, and their cookie. I liked the pin striped sparkly ‘wine bag’ from the dollar store, we used to put all the good in. Cs also enjoyed her very first ‘big girl’ sleepover. A bubble bath, followed by Tinkerbell movie and Panago before settling in to their sleeping bags in the playroom about 11pm. Waking to sunshine pancake breakfast with her buddies. Memories!

Today was Bs party and it went so well 🙂 Nine 4/5 year olds had a picnic on our dining room floor before playing a little, then it was time for our bug hunt…we rounded up the kids, gave each their own creature collector kit (a bug box, tweezers, pick-er up-per, magnifying glass and mini net) and we were off the explore the green space path behind our townhouses. So much fun! B was the most successful with a slug, a ladybug, and a snail! Others collector baby caterpillar, rolllie pollies, and ants, along with some grass, sticks and flowers. I think they all had a blast. Then home for dirt dessert, cake and piniata!!!

150pm all the guests were gone, house was being  cleaned up by a wonderful friend who helped me with the bash and voila – finito. Goodies bag got a little out of hand, considering the loot that was in the piniata. oops, did not factor that in at first. 🙂 Bug kit, bubbles, chalk, worm candies, butterfly cookie, and a keepsake butterfly or plastic bugs. I’m thinking the little munchkins scored, and I may not be the parents favorite person right now, considering the sugar intake.

Either way, it was a delightful and memorable celebration…Brie concluded at about 230, sitting on the couch and saying ‘this was the best birthday ever’…makes it all worth it!

Here’s to a team effort and to all my partners in crime – THANK YOU!!!! 

happy 5th bday B & happy 7th C!

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