Over the past 2 years Little C has been dealing with stiff joint pain at random times. She has responded to advil for the most part and went almost an entire year without any symptoms or ‘spells’. There’s loads of information out there, and like anything there are a number of positive or negative stories. Our family is extremely confident this disease will not get the best of us. Little C is a ROCKSTAR and our family firmly believes we are never dealt anything we can’t handle. Below I have posted a 5 minute video, as well as a few pics of our journey the past couple of months. We plan to look further into our situation, but rest assure we feel we are in good hands and Little C will continue to live a fairly regular life! Of course we are open to any feedback and recommendations, so feel free to contact us anytime.

A recommended site to refer to for better understanding…click here.

2012 photo-37

Dai and I are incredibly proud of Little Cs attitude. She truly has been a trooper through this entire procedure and is a fantastic patient who listens well, holds her head high, ask questions and enjoys helping however she can. The challenge for mom and dad will be to focus on the necessary steps needed to ensure her recovery, as she this is a silent disease for the most part and Little C rarely complains. Thank goodness for calendar reminders, as the daily, weekly and monthly commitments for meds, follow ups and awareness is totally new to our world.
Your past and future support to this matter has been greatly appreciated by our entire family, thanks so much everyone!
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