So it’s only taken me 2 months to finally put my 12-12-12 memories to my online journal and I figured today was fitting to make it a priority.

As Dai and I approach our 12th year since he greeted me  with a copy of Paulo Coelho’s, The Alchemist, on our first ‘date’, we decided in November that December 12th, 2012 was finally the right time to become full-married.  About a year or so ago, our daughters inquired what our wedding was like.  A decade ago, neither of us were bound by religion, nor were we concerned about the legal papers offered by the government. We had lived together for some time, we were already considered common-law and we had made a personal life-long commitment to each other, so in our hearts and minds we were married. Still today I feel marriage is an internal commitment for life, whether there’s paperwork or the church involved, BUT since December 12th, we both will admit performing the commitment ceremony makes it feel different, a really good different.

I have to thank our precious little girls for encouraging this experience. Since we had no wedding story to share with them, our eldest coined us half-married – together for life, but no wedding.  So the morning of December 12th was very exciting for Dai and I, because we had planned a very simple and intimate wedding ceremony that would include our little girls! We enjoyed breakfast in our comfy clothes at our favorite local joint, Whole Foods. We shared with the girls, today mom and dad were going to get full-married and wanted them to be a part of it. They were thrilled!

So we raced home to get ready, as we had plans to catch the 1130am gondola up Grouse Mountain. In true Christie fashion, we were rushing to catch it, luckily I had a back up, 1145am option and all worked out!  Once we had made it to the top and were all ready to go, I actually recall someone saying 8 minutes, and personally thinking, ‘we have so much time, what do we do for 8 minutes?’ (might as well put some lotion on Dai’s face – LOL)

Global News, Elaine Yong, met us at the top to cover our special moment. Funny thing was, we weren’t able to find our video camera charger and about 20 minutes prior to receiving the request to film our ceremony, Dai and I had come to the conclusion to kindly ask someone to  just record our vows with our iPhone.  Our original plan to keep our nuptials a secret until we surprised our family at Christmas, was quickly revised once we gave permission for the news to partake.  Out went the texts, emails, facebook posts, and tweets to our family and friends to watch the 6 o’clock news.

We were overwhelmed with the amount of people who responded. We truly appreciated every message – THANK YOU for being a part of our moment, even if it was cyberly! At no point did we regret the choice to keep our ceremony guests to our loving and extremely support friends/witness’, JHG & AHG and our energetic and chilled officiant, Brian! It was beyond our expectations and an experience like no other! It was stress free and allowed us to just be in the moment and embrace our partnership. I still tear with joy when I think of how incredible our full-married day was, how perfect it was for the four of us.

Possibly the tears I feel also have to do with the journey that brought us to this moment. I am grateful for all the high’s and lows our relationship has experienced. The experiences we have fought thru, have not only made us personally stronger and wiser, but we have a deeper understanding for each other and a front of mind focus on our partnership. We love our life and appreciate each other everyday. We embrace each stage, support each others path, and are stoked for what the future holds for our family!


Dai’s post, which includes more photos.

One day, we do hope to celebrate with some sort of a party and share our appreciation with all the amazing people who have joined our journey along the way – thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU!

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’

Family Wedding Pic
*I will post our lives recorded vows in a separate post once when we received the HD copy for Global News.
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