Well 2011 has arrived! My goodness…what will this year have in store. I know some that get excited for the 1st of January to start their resolutions, I know some who don’t believe in resolutions, I know statistically most who make a resolution have faltered before the end of the month, but I embrace another year either way. I like the idea of making commitments and striving for improvement.

The girls and I have discussed a few things…B wants to help around the house more, so she instantly races up to start cleaning her room – why wait, eh? C wants to do skating, archery, and pottery. B now adds skating and ping-pong to her list. I encourage teeth flossing and putting lotion on their little bodies more often ~ their response, ‘I’ll do those anyway’ 🙂 We all are going to do something physical each day – walk around the neighbourhood and on the hiking paths, go to the YMCA, bowling, visit Great Escape, even run up and down the stairs, the list goes on.

more to come, time to go play – have a super fantastic day! Mwah xx

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