A Little About Myself

About Me

I do my best to EMBRACE LIFE ~ I am extremely passionate about living a happy & healthy life so I am able to appreciate all my time on this planet has to offer. I feel it is my responsibility to myself and my family to do all I can to make sure I am healthy, fulfilled and around for a long time.

I also believe our happiness is a choice. We are all faced with ups and downs and I feel it is what we do and make of those times that gets us to where we currently are at or where we want to be. I make it a priority to surround our family with quality association and The Five Love Languages & Four Agreements are near the top of my list for life resources.

Along with others, I want to make a difference… starting with my family, my friends, my community, my country, stretching to wherever I am fortunate to make a positive impact. I have traveled a few places thus far; Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, the Dominican, and throughout Canada and the US. I am not done seeing all the world has to offer, but from what I have had the opportunity to experience, whether it be good or bad, no matter how crummy our day or life may be, there are less fortunate souls out there… men, women, children that have no way out. Yet we live in a country of freedom and so many of us don’t realize how truly fortunate we are. I do believe change starts from home and embracing a pay it forward mentality.

I try to find a positive in everything and everyone, I strive to do my very best in all that I do and I have learned sometimes it’s best to just go to bed. I tell the ones I love how much I love them because sometimes life brings the unexpected and I do my best to smile from the inside out.

On 12-12-12 I became ‘full-married’ to my life partner and father to my babies, Dai Manuel. We have experienced some major highs and lows since connecting in 2001, but our journey has taught us so much and we have developed a tremendous amount of respect and love for each other.

I am an extremely fortunate gal, 40 plus years alive and kicking, British Columbia born and raised, in a life long relationship with a fabulous guy, a mother of 2 incredible young ladies, a loving sister to 5, a caring daughter, granddaughter, auntie & niece, and I hope a wonderful friend to many.

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